Chris Liebing - AM:FM - GENERAL
CLR Radio Show
Chris Liebing - AM:FM - GENERAL

This show is all about the music in the moment it was played. It kind of functions like an audible dj diary. The idea behind it is that I choose a recent set that I played and deliver it to you unedited, raw and direct, in 60 minutes pieces on a weekly basis. For example, if I play a three hours set somewhere, it will be divided in three 60 minutes long AM/FM shows, so after three weeks you will have the full set. You could even put them into a playlist and listen to the whole set with seamless transitions. I try to keep the commentaries to a minimum, so that you get a maximum amount of music. Still, I want to mention certain things during the show, but beyond that, I will provide additional info in form of a written set report, which can be found on


AM/FM Show with Chris Liebing live every Monday & Thursday 12:00 PM

Stefano Noferini 2
Club Edition
Stefano Noferini 2


A long time champion of house music in all its forms, Stefano has been building his legend for some time. Always innovating sounds and crossing into a broad range of genres has been a key factor in his well-deserved rise. Never one to stagnate, Stefano has merged all the musical elements at his disposal into a brilliant sound experience that no one can match.

Club Edition with Stefano Noferini live every  Thursday 2:00 PM

Slam Radio GENERAL
Slam Radio

Slam Radio GENERALWelcome to Slam Radio. The Glaswegian duo (Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle) launch this heavyweight weekly broadcast which will showcase their techno and club DJ mixes, and also mixes and music from their peers and contemporaries. Stay tuned!

SLAM are also the proud co-owners of Soma Records, which, in its 21st year, continues to be one of the worldís finest purveyors of cutting edge electronic music, with recent releases and remixes from Gary Beck, Pig & Dan, DeepChord, Silicone Soul, the Black Dog, Mark Henning, Harvey McKay, Kyle Geiger, Alex Under, Mark Reeve +++

Slam Radio live every Monday and Thursday 3:00 PM

tronic radio GENERAL
Tronic Radio

tronic radio GENERALThe popularity of Christianʼs big-room, crossover sound with its melodic, euphoric highs and rhythmical funk energy is testament to the multi-genre draw of Christianʼs music. This breadth of appeal is evident in both the DJ support Christian receives and also in the gigs Christian plays. Regular supporters ranging from techno stalwarts like Richie Hawtin and Adam Beyer through to tech house DJs like 2000 And One and Stephan Bodzin, and even trance superstars like Tiesto and Sander Van Doorn. In addition to Christianʼs shows for Bedrock and Systematic at the Miami and ADE conferences respectively, 2011 saw Christian perform all over Europe, North America, Asia and South America with notable stops at Pacha Buenos Aeries, Womb Tokyo, Space Ibiza, Klubbers Day Madrid, Watergate Berlin, Lovelands Amsterdam, Space Miami, H2O Mexico City, The Loft Barcelona, Café DʼAnvers Antwerp, Ellui Seoul, Cocoon Frankfurt, The Egg London, Crobar Buenos Aires, Circus Montreal and Smart Bar Chicago. Proof, if it was needed, that it is possible for an already successful producer to reinvent their sound while maintaining their relevance and position at the very pinnacle of electronic music.

Slam Radio live every Monday and Wednesday 4:00 PM

1605 Radio & Behind The Iron Curtain

umekIt would take a long essay to fully explain UMEK’s meaning to electronic music. The Slovenian born producer and DJ has been setting trends and rocking dance floors for two decades now — and still shows no signs of slowing down. He’s tireless in his techno and tech house production and with more than 100 gigs per year, probably one of the busiest techno DJs out there.

1605  live every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday  12:00 PM

Behind The Iron Curtain  live every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday  1:00 PM

marco bailey 1
Elektronic Force

marco bailey 1Marco continues to adapt and challenge the status quo each week with his radio program Electronic Force which is heard by millions of listeners in more than 50 countries. This, coupled with his innovative production genius, passport filling tour routine, and never ending love and energy for techno culture makes Marco Bailey one of our truest icons.



Elektronic Force  with Marco Bailey live every  Tuesday & Thursday 4:00 PM

deeperfect radio GENERAL
deeperfect radio GENERAL




Deeperfect Radio Show represents the sound of the Stefano Noferini’s label Deeperfect. Monthy by Month the label’s very own Natch! provides 30 minutes mix and in the rest of the show Deeperfect artists join to him.

The Mayor in the mix
In the Mix
The Mayor in the mix

The Mayor in the mix playing all the best Jams 24/7


54de7f28e3f4a333270080b6From the front row of a Tiësto show to a coveted spot on the Dutch megastar’s management roster, the story of Dzeko & Torres is equal parts dream and determination.

The Canadian duo initially found each other through an online forum for Toronto club events. At the time, Luis (Torres) was working as a photographer and graphic designer, and Julian (Dzeko) as an event promoter. The two became fast friends and began DJing around the city’s club circuit and producing together on borrowed studio time while juggling part-time jobs. Their first electronic dance music moment of reckoning came at that Tiësto show, which provided a clarion call to pursue their musical passions full-time.

“Tiësto was our main influence and inspiration,” says Dzeko. “After we saw him at that show and playing on that scale, we knew we were interested in doing that too.”

The co-producers got serious about their studio work, releasing a highly regarded remix of Jus Jack’s “Can’t Wait” featuring Black Dog. The track caught the attention of Tiësto, who featured it on his Club Life podcast in 2011. For the two Canadian kids who had come up idolizing the artist, Tiësto’s support provided a musical springboard that encouraged them to continue chasing their dance music ambitions.


Elevate  live every Tuesday and Friday 5:00 PM on the JamCity.FM Channel


bzFOXqOcJuicy M born as Marta Martinez is international dj and producer from Kiev, Ukraine. Being one of the future megastar, she’s very successful and popular female DJ in the global electronic music scene. As a true embodiment of energy on the dance floor with her incredibly unique mix of music, skills and beauty — she quickly earned a name for herself by showcasing her explosive mixes on her video series “Mixing on 4 CDJs” which put her into the digital spotlight on Facebook and Twitter with millions of views — taking her to first place in Billboard’s “Next Big Sound” chart in September 2013 representing the fastest accelerating artists on the social platforms.
After performing in more than 50 countries on 4 continents for the last two years – she soon found herself on stage with Afrojack, Skrillex, Firebeatz to name a few, as a resident of world’s best spots like Pacha and Privilege and the guest of the biggest EDM festivals.


JuicyLand live every Wednesday  at 11:00 on the JamCity.FM EDM Channel


Friday at 6:00pm

fito blanko photo promoFito Blanko is an irresistible new artist from Canada whose charisma and
passion have propelled him to the forefront of the Latin music scene. Hit single
“Pegadito Suavecito” (where he featured with merengue icon Elvis Crespo)
reached #1 on the Billboard Latin Tropical Chart in November 2012.
Fans and industry professionals agree Fito Blanko is one of the hottest new
talents to enter the Latin Crossover market. Fito emigrated from Panama to
Canada as a youngster, and he began writing lyrics in English and Spanish at
age 14.
He expanded into the American market in 2011 with the independent release of
the catchy mambo track “VIP, which charted on three U.S. Latin Billboard Charts:
Latin Rhythm, Tropical Latin and Latin Pop. From New York to L.A. to
Miami, Fito quickly developed a reputation for turning up the heat at parties
with his electrifying performances and dazzling charm.
The year 2012 kicked off with Canada’s largest daily newspaper, the Toronto
Star, giving Fito front-page coverage in its People to Watch 2012 feature. The
recent #1 Billboard Tropical Chart success of “Pegadito Suavecito” (Produced by
Sensei Musica) has the industry buzzing with anticipation over Fito’s upcoming
album Amor y Dinero. As the co-owner and president of Crown Loyalty
Entertainment (Music Company), run by some of Toronto’s brightest young
entrepreneurs, Fito has the support and know-how for advancing into the
international spotlight.
In 2013 Fito shared the stage with Icon Elvis Crespo performing the #1 Tropical
Latin Billboard hit Pegadito Suavecito during the Premios Lo Nuestro 25th
Anniversary awards ceremony. In July, Fito was nominated for the Cancion Del
Verano (Song Of Summer) at the Premios Juventud where he performed live, with
DJ Chino and Papayo, their hit single Si te Agarro. Adding to the list of
nominations, Pegadito Suavecito for the Best Party Song (Canción Comienza-
Fiestas) at the Premios Tu Mundo in Aug 2013, has made Fito a leading voice in
Tropical music. In Oct 2013, Pegadito Suavecito in which Fito was a composer
and featured artist and was nominated for the ‘Best Urban Performance’ category
for the Latin Grammys. In 2014 Fito was awarded a BMI Award of Excellence for
his song Pegadito Suavecito being one of the most songs with airplay in the US.



Dj Danny CastroDJ Danny Castro hails from the great city of TORONTO CANADA. Is an extrovert and charismatic persona who proudly represents his Latin heritage. Swiftly, he has taken over the Latin Entertainment Industry and has become the most requested DJ and now radio host among his peers and Toronto’s vast Latin community.
His style at the turntables is unlike any, a style that paints a picture and represents his city and culture with loud colorfulness and intense diversity. Be advised that his mixes are not for the light hearted…From the old school sultry sounds of Reggaeton to new edgy rhythms of house, from salsa full of heat and spice to the hard urban concrete jungle of Hip hop and everything in-between.
DJ Danny Castro WILL MAKE you move. Underestimating his taken will be your mistake. Be ready for a colossal potential about to explode…DJ Danny Castro will not disappoint. Go with the flow of his tunes and mixes that will leave you wanting more.


Jason Chuck logo ting
Web @ 9:00pm EST

Jason Chuck logo tingBorn and raised in Toronto, ON, Jason’s love for music was evident from the start.  Always dancing throughout his childhood and teenage years, his first step in the DJ direction was when he would create slow jam mixes for his female audiences.  He discovered his passion for the turntables when he collaborated on a set with veteran Toronto DJ, DJ Illegal Alien, who played at the party Jason was hosting.  He soon after joined the prominent Glamour Entertainment family and became a leader in the local music industry.
Inspired by Toronto’s very own celebrity DJ’s, DJ Starting From Scratch and Wristpect, Jason knows how important it is to keep his mixes creative.  He credits DJ Illegal Alien & DJ Ritz for keeping him on track and unveiling him and his undeniable talent to the music scene.
Jason spins Hip-hop, reggae, Top 40, R&B, house and mash-up, and this eclectic mix of music expands his audience appeal.  Motivated by the rises and falls of other DJs, JC pushes to remain relevant and continuously improve his sound.  Always progressing, and pushing forward, reveling in the three words and what they represent: “Money, Power and Respect.”
Business-oriented and ambitious, not many would guess he’s only been in the music industry for 7 years.  Talented beyond his age and experience, JC leaves his crowds always coming back for more.


Web @ 6:00pm EST

traxsource-live-1000x1000-final-2Not everybody understands house music. This phrase has never been more on point than in todays over saturated market of ghost producers, cake throwers and unplugged DJ sets. Yet Traxsource’s roots can be traced all the way back to the very foundations that real house music was built upon. Company founders Brian Tappert and Marc Pomeroy have been involved in the scene since it’s humble beginnings and continue to carry the torch a quarter of a century later.

Traxsource is the modern home for real house music. Created, built and managed by DJs and producers with decades of experience who are just as active on today’s scene. Traxsource’s drive is fuelled by the ethos of a ‘music store with the attitude of independent record label’. So whether it was selling bespoke vinyl in the halcyon days of house or digital music to today’s tech savvy audience, the Traxsource team have always delivered the perfect platform for the finest labels and producers to promote their artistry.

The ‘Traxsource LIVE!’ radio show has a worldwide syndication of over 4 million listeners every week and this number continues to grow as more people begin to understand the true sound of the underground.


Young Legend Pic 1
12:00pm EST JamCity.FM Hip Hop
Young Legend Pic 1

DJ Young L

egend is a seasoned pro DJ from Toronto Ontario. Young Legend has been blessed with over 6 years of relevant DJ experience in the music industry and has played all over

Ontario, including Toronto and as far as Windsor. He has DJ mass crowds of over 30,000 at Ivor Wynne stadium as the official Tiger Cats DJ and has DJ va

rious concert halls in Toronto and the U.S.
Over the years, Young Legend has developed a special gift for music. He has the ability to recognize what crowds want to hear and the ability to remix and drop exclusive tracks on the fly that no one has ever heard or imagined.
During is time as a professional DJ, he has made it his mission to redefine the music industry with music that is entertaining

and appealing to all crowds. He has been blessed with the skills of a real DJ that allows him to utilize real DJ technics and skills.
Young Legend is committed to collecting and experimenting with a wide variety of music including; hip hop, trap, edm, club bangers, house, electro, top 40, reggae, dancehall, R&B and more to help deliver the most exciting experience for his listeners when ever he plays.
Young Legend is never referred to as just an ordinary DJ. Instead, he is always recognized as one of Canada’s most talented Djs who guarantees that you will be hooked as a fan as soon as you hear him play.